Fastrack Microbial Pack Probiotic


Pitchfork Ranch is proud to be your local FASTRACK distributor. Call 217-242-1709 for information and pricing OR send us an email on our contact page. The Challenge: The performance and health of your livestock is dependent upon the proper balance odigestive tract bacteria. Newborn animals and newly-hatched birds enter the world with a sterile digestive tract, which is quickly populated with health-promoting bacteria and the much quicker growing, pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Unfortunately, feed and environmental changes, birthing/laying, weaning, medication and transporting, among other common management practices alter the intestinal environment in ways that favor the disease-causing organisms of animals and birds of any age. The Answer: Fastrack® Direct-fe Microbials — The Natural WayThe unique combination of natural, live lactic acid-producing bacteria, FOS, yeast, enzymes, vitamins and specialized proteins in the Fastrack® products helps to ensure a healthy digestive tract; enhancing the immune system and defending against pathogenic agents in the digestive tract. Specifically the health-promoting Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium in the animals ‘and birds’small and large intestines utilize FOS. Fastrack Probiotic Pack Organic Listed by OMRIConklin Company, Inc. has obtained OMRI Listing for Fastrack® Probiotic Pack as an organic feed ingredient. The Organic Materials Review Institute’s (OMRI) primary mission is to publish and distribute lists of materials allowed for use in the production, processing and handling of organic food and fiber.