I always have several good gaited horses for sale. I try all my horses on the trails and in all different situations to be sure I know how to represent them to the prospective buyer exactly how they will be when you get them home, so there are usually several horses here that I have not had a chance to try and represent them due to the weather and other obligations. All my horses I have for sale are tested and tried by me, so they can prove themselves that they are worthy trail companions. If you are in the market for a good trail horse, I may have one to suit you and it may not be posted here on my website so please call me at 217-242-1709 to inquire about purchasing your next trail mate!!




Spitfires Salty Dawg $5500


Dawg $5500


I have had this horse for 4 plus years and he has been my personal riding horse. He is 14.2 hands, gentle and quiet an in your pocket type horse, can be on the upper side in the pecking order, looks like a quarter horse and well gaited. You can turn him out for months get him up and saddle him and he is the same horse all the time. I had not rode him in several months and a friend of mine passed and I lead another horse with him leading my friend to his grave with no problems. He will go anyplace you asked him, he will ride in the front middle or back with quarter horses or gaited horses. He will move off your leg  sidepass, carry saddle bags he don't care what you do.   





Buster 7 year old grade TWH Gelding $3250



 Buster is a  14.3 hand 7 year old gelding who is very quiet and gentle, good gaited and will go anyplace you ask him to. He has been rode all over the country on trail rides.  Buster will ride with the quarter horses with no problems in the front, middle or back or he will ride on out with the gaited horses also.  A nice easy to look at young gelding in the prime of his life. $3250