Customer Testimonials


  Hi Buck, Mandy is not so sure she likes the snow up here! My husband, Ron has really enjoyed riding her. She is an excellent trail horse for him. She gets along well with the other horses and is very willing to do whatever is asked of her. We appreciate your honesty in representing her, as we were unable to see her in person prior to purchase. We really appreciate your working with us on the transportation aspect as well. She trailered very well, considering she went from basically one end of the country to the other. She was pretty happy to get out of the trailer. Thanks for the Fasttrack as well, I will be ordering more soon.we will be recommending you to anyone looking for a good horse. Thanks again, Janet, Michigan 

I purchased Cam from you in June 2019 and I just want to sing her praises. You said she was a good, solid trail horse and you were so right. Just finished a 5 day ride in Shawnee National Forest and to say she was a star is an understatement. At one point in the ride we were crossing 2 logs and she got a foot caught and went down. She maintained her cool got herself up and got her foot out and walked on. Cam, indeed is a solid trail horse. Thank you again, Connie McNabb, Illinois





 "We recently purchased a two year old gelding  (Lucky) at Pitchfork Ranch. I'm very happy to report that he has been more than we expected and we could not have asked for a better fit for our family. Not just because he has a great confirmation and is something to look at but he also has the disposition, brain and willingness to go with it. I am really looking forward to future training with Lucky to see just how far this guy can go. Thanks Buck!".......Terry & Tonya, Petersburg, IL .


 Jojo has a great personality. He is very mischievous and has an awesome attitude. I love how he is at the gate waiting for me when I come home from school. I'm so lucky to have him in my life. I love him so much.......Dale, Coco & Chloe, Oakford, IL  



"I recently purchased my first horse from Pitchfork Ranch. Buck had seen my riding style and personally found a horse just right for me.  A little uneasy about buying my first horse, they allowed me to come down as much as I needed and ride Louie, giving me time to bond and get to know him. Entirely satisfied with my gelding I bought him and couldn't ask for a better suited horse for me. I'm so happy I had Buck and Bonnie's help with picking out my first horse and checking up on me and Louie frequently. Thanks for everything, If it weren't for you two I wouldn't be riding. 

Thanks Buck & Bonnie".....Annie, Tallula, IL


  "I bought two of Buck's horses  as weanling nine years ago. We raised them up and broke them out, and liked them so much that we went back and bought another one three years ago. I love every one of them and wouldn't sell them for nothing. We have grandkids riding these horses and never worry about them getting hurt. It seems that these horses take extra good care of them. All three have wonderful dispositions and very good minds with quiet and kind attitudes. Not only do they have the brains but the looks and color to go with it. When I'm ready for another horse, I'm going to Buck again. Thank you so very much Buck and I know the grandkids thank you also".....Camille, Mason City, IL 

  Finally got to take Ellen out for a ride. We rode 5 hours. Tied up out in the woods for a break. She was an absolute doll. I think she and Tom are going to have many happy trails ahead of them. Thanks Buck for such a nice mare....Regi, Yorktown, IL..."Spotted Ellen Again" 



 We picked up our new boy Rusty, 8yo Palomino TWH from Buck yesterday, and the horse is a peach. We are first time gaited owners, and Rusty is just perfect for us. He is patient and sweet, and everything Buck said he would be. Thanks Buck and Bonnie...Doug and Bonnie, Iowa   



  I was lucky enough to buy this mare 4 years ago. I have had around 40 to 50 offers from people wanting to buy her. I keep telling them she is not for sale. I have been around horses all of my life, from pony's to drafts. Treasure is probably the best I have ever owned. She is very well built and an all around nice mare. Thank you Mr. Reeves for producing a great mare.Rhonda M - RR Skips Treasure - Kansas City 



 I had been looking for the right horse for a long time and then I met Buck. I called him and he said he might have what I was looking for. So he set me up with the best little gelding ever good price and everything Buck said he was and them some. Not only did Buck take his time with us checking this gelding out he made us feel like we were part of his family...Thank you Buck we will buy more from Pitchfork Ranch....we love our Gelding...Alisia Russell, Staunton IL  



   I purchased Pacific Drift SK from Buck this past July. I am working with pacific to make him into a barrel horse, and let me tell you, he is living up to his Dritwood name! He has an awesome disposition and personality! Pacific is fitting into our racing program very nicely! This one is a keeper! Thanks Buck for spending the time to allow me to get my hands on this big talented guy!.....Kayla Beckman, Farmington, IL 




  Just wanted to take time & "Thank You, Buck," for my sister's horse (Gracie) that I keep here w/mine! Gracie is everything you said she was & MORE!! I've been in horses for almost 30 yrs. YOU my friend, sell NICE ANIMALS! Heck, because you're a man of your word..I bought a horse trailer from you, sight ~ unseen.. & again it was everything you said it was...Thanks, Buck! Glad we crossed paths!!!!!.....Nancy Luffee & Family 



   I first looked at a horse that Buck had, but it was not for me. Buck felt bad, but I did not think anything of it. In a week, he called me and said he found the horse for me and  my  husband. We are beginners! Rusty, a mare, was perfect for us to begin with. We were also looking for a trailer, which he found, picked up, checked it out and aired the tires! We just got Rusty home and the trailer yesterday, Rusty has been so calm with our other horse! Thanks so much! I know this is the horse for us! - Cathy, Milford, IL